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Carpet Cleaning Service in Springfield, MO

Professional carpet cleaning technicianCarpet Cleaning Springfield MO ​is a leading full-service tile, upholstery, and carpet cleaning company. We proudly serve the greater Springfield area with cost-effective and reliable cleaning. Whether you are in need of carpet restoration after your home has suffered water damage or you are interested in full house carpet cleaning, we can help. Learn more about our services below for residential and commercial carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer two types of residential carpet cleaning: hot water extraction and dry-cleaning. Either can be a good choice if your carpet is heavily soiled or subjected to heavy foot traffic. Hot water extraction is an excellent option for spills, odors, and pet urine removal. This method uses very hot water and specialized cleaning solutions to extract allergens and dirt from deep within the carpet fibers. The heated water activates the carpet detergent, which will very effectively shampoo your carpet. The water and detergent, along with the dirt, bacteria and allergens which were trapped in your carpet are then extracted by very powerful machines, which far exceed the cleaning ability of rented equipment.

We also offer dry cleaning. This style of cleaning uses very little to no water. Instead, a solution of foam dry cleaning chemicals is applied and agitated to spread them throughout the fibers. These chemicals work by encapsulating dirt, which is then vacuumed away.

​Rug Cleaning Services

Area rugs can add warmth and comfort to your home, but they can also accumulate dirt and stains very easily. Our Springfield rug cleaning service offers an affordable way to keep your area rug or oriental rug looking its best. We clean all types of rugs, including oriental rugs, natural fiber rugs, and hand-woven rugs, using an appropriate cleaning method that will not cause damage or result in the dye bleeding.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture gets subjected to a lot of wear. Food crumbs, stains, germs, pollen, and dust can all make your furniture seem dirty and aged. If your upholstered furniture is showing signs of wear, our gentle upholstery cleaning service can help breathe fresh life into the fabric and extract stubborn stains.

​We use the same hot water extraction technique we use on carpet to remove stains, odors, grime, and more. Before applying a deep clean, we spot treat stains with a specially formulated furniture cleaning solution that will not damage your fabric. If necessary, the fabric can also be deodorized.

If you are concerned about protecting your upholstery from future stains, ask about a stain guard we can apply to the fabric. The original stain guard applied by your furniture manufacturer is not designed to last more than a couple of years. Applying a new barrier can form a shield around the fibers to repel most stains and give you more time to wipe up spills before they adhere to the material. Stain guard can even work on a wide range of materials.

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​Tile and Grout Cleaning

All types of tile and grout, including ceramic and natural stone, can become discolored, dull, or grimy, even with regular mopping. Unfortunately, mopping and household tile cleaning products aren’t enough to remove deep-set stains and dirt that settle into the surface of the tile and your grout lines. We offer effective tile and grout cleaning in Springfield to restore the shine and beauty to your tile and grout.

Tile floor owners have a common complaint: the grout appears old, stained, and dingy even after cleaning the floor. This happens because most types of grout are porous and allow liquids to seep inside. Even water can discolor stains, especially dirty mop water. Scrubbing the grout by hand isn’t enough to remove trapped dirt and debris inside the grout. Our professional grout cleaning delivers better results than cleaning your grout by hand.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors aren’t just beautiful; they’re also an investment in your home. Despite their durability, however, hardwood floors do need to be maintained and cleaned properly. Our hardwood floor cleaning service helps extend the life of your floors while restoring the natural beauty of the wood. We understand the complexities involved with cleaning hardwood floors. We only use cleaning products safe for your floors and finish without excessive water that can damage the wood.

If your wood floors seem to have lost their shine, you have another option aside from costly refinishing or replacing. Our wood flooring experts can apply a protective finish after eliminating dirt and oil from the floor for greater luster and durability against everyday wear.

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Pet Stains and Odors

As much as you love your pets, you don’t love the mess they can leave behind. Accidents are just a normal part of having pets, but these accidents can leave stubborn stains and worse — a lingering odor in your carpet, rug, or upholstery. Pet odors are even more difficult to remove than stains because the odor-causing bacteria can thrive under the carpet fibers.

We always spot treat pet stains using a special formula that breaks down the organic material without damaging your material. This can be followed with a nontoxic deodorization service that can remove pet stains along with cigarette smoke and other odors.

Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Has your home suffered flood or water damage? It’s important to take action quickly to increase the chances that your belongings can be saved. This is especially true with carpet. Even small leaks can lead to carpet mold and mildew and reduced indoor air quality.

After your carpet suffers water damage, do your best to remove as much water as you can as soon as possible. Use a wet/dry vac to remove excess water then use fans to speed up the carpet drying process. Our trained carpet cleaning experts will quickly help you find the source of the leak or flood and determine the best solution. If you are able to remove most of the water with a wet/dry vac, fans, and a dehumidifier, it may be possible to save your carpet.

Restoring water-damaged carpet usually involves steam cleaning the carpet for sanitation and deodorization. In most cases, the carpet padding will need to be replaced. Still, this is much less costly than re-carpeting the home.

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We take pride in serving Springfield with affordable and reliable carpet, upholstery, and flooring cleaning services. Whether you are interested in whole-home carpet cleaning, need stubborn pet stains removed, or you have suffered water damage in your home, we can help. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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