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For commercial carpet cleaning Springfield MO, we evaluate each carpet individually. Our carpet cleaning professionals will be able to determine the perfect technique to use on each type of carpet and stain. Our Springfield commercial carpet cleaning team is always courteous and friendly to your staff, too. We know that successful businesses need to have clean, functional spaces for customers and employees. Our carpet cleaning company uses many different cleaning methods.

Steam Cleaning

Hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, uses highly pressurized water to agitate carpet fibers and dissolve stains. This type of cleaning typically involves the application of a cleaning agent on the soiled surface, and the hot water extraction phase washes away stains.

Steam is a safe, natural way to eliminate bacteria, mold, and other harmful organisms. Hospitals use steam to sanitize equipment, and it’s also relatively harmless to most carpets. Steam cleaning generally uses far fewer chemicals to break up stains than traditional shampooing, and this creates less residue buildup in carpets.

Traditional Carpet Shampooing

Many clients still ask for carpet shampooing service, and this type of cleaning does have its merits. Carpet shampoo chemicals are specially formulated to break down a wide variety of stains, and they generally leave a pleasant odor behind. If your carpet has become an odorous problem, a good traditional shampoo treatment may be in order.

Carpet shampooing is probably the most well-known method out there, and there are many different chemicals on the market. That means that shampoo chemicals almost certainly exist to treat any exotic stains that you may have. On the other hand, these chemicals must be used carefully, and our team of shampoo experts knows all about how to choose the right shampoo for the job.

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After many years of shampoo treatments, a carpet can become loaded with chemical residues. These residues can decrease the life of your carpet, and they can also leave a sticky feeling behind. Our commerical carpet cleaning Springfield team always asses the best way to extend the life of your valuable carpet.


Encapsulation is a Very Low Moisture (VLM) method of cleaning. It uses special cleaning polymers that crystallize stains and soils on contact, and the polymer solution dries quickly (20-30 minutes on average). The leftover “encapsulated” (or crystallized) polymers can then be vacuumed away.

This type of carpet cleaning has some excellent things going for it. It’s a relatively fast way to clean a carpet, and it doesn’t leave behind an extremely damp carpet to dry. Many clients say that carpets look much cleaner after encapsulation when compared to other methods, but incomplete crystallization of stains and soils can lead to quicker carpet staining in the future.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning has become a popular carpet cleaning method among our Springfield commercial carpet cleaning team. This method uses a spinning bonnet that looks like a buffer for car waxing, but the carpet bonnet is designed to absorb stains and soils from carpets.

A professional bonnet cleaning usually makes use of a cleaning solution that is lightly applied to the bonnet. This allows the bonnet to rapidly soak up stains as it passes over the carpet. It’s a quick method, and carpets dry rapidly afterward. It has been noted that this cleaning method can push dirt and stains deeper into the carpet fibers, and this may be something to avoid with older carpets.

The bonnet cleaning method is particularly useful for high-traffic areas where time is a factor, but it isn’t advisable for clients that want deep cleaning. Repeated bonnet cleanings may also put unwanted strain on a carpet.

Dry Cleaning

There are various methods used to dry clean a carpet, and most of them are actually Very Low Moisture (VLM) methods. For instance, a dry foam is often used. The foam is usually 90% gas and 10% liquid, and the liquid portion can be rapidly vacuumed up when it finishes breaking apart stains.

Dry compounds can also be used. These are VLM compounds that can be lightly brushed into a carpet, and they are also removed via a vacuum once they finish breaking down soils and stains.

Dry cleaning methods tend to be more time-consuming than other methods, but they also put less strain on a carpet. If your carpet is older and more sensitive to abrasive washing, dry cleaning may be the best choice.

We’ll Figure Out the Best Method to Use on Your Commercial Carpet

We know that it’s expensive to buy new commercial carpeting, and that’s why we analyze your carpet carefully for the best stain removal method(s). We may recommend a combination of cleaning methods for the best results. Don’t hesitate to contact our commercial carpet cleaning Springfield service today.

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