Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Time and money. These are the two most compelling reasons, in my opinion, why you should hire a professional carpet cleaning service.


OK, this one seems a little obvious. Hiring a professional instead of doing it yourself is an obvious way to save time. The real question, I guess, is how much time? After all, it really doesn’t take that much time to run a vacuum cleaner, does it?

If only it were that simple! You do have to run the vacuum, and you have to do that pretty frequently to keep the your carpet at least looking clean, but is running the vacuum really enough to keep your carpet clean? A normal household vacuum cleaner will only remove the dust and dirt from the surface, and actually, just walking back and forth across the carpet to clean it is a great way to grind more dirt into the fibers and the padding. Although this is a necessary chore, it will not completely do the job.

So, in addition to running the vacuum, you have to deep clean the carpet from time to time. Now we are starting to get into some real time! Not only do you have to spend the time doing the actual work, but you have to spend the extra time going to the rental place, filling out the paperwork, learning how to use the machine, cleaning the machine, returning it…the “extra” time spent is often far more than the time you spend just cleaning the carpet!

Oh yes, don’t forget that you have to wait some more time for the carpet to dry, since the rented machine will leave a lot of moisture in the carpet.


This one might seem less obvious, after all you will be spending money to pay a professional. How can that be a benefit? It has a lot to do with cost vs value. When you rent equipment and do it yourself, you are limited by the cleaning ability of the machine you rent. No matter how hard you work, it will only do the best it can. When you pay a professional, on the other hand, they will have access to tools and equipment which work far better than what you might rent.

Because the professional equipment will do so much better a job in removing the deep buildup of dirt and debris, it will actually prolong the useful life of your carpet. Not only that, but the professional carpet cleaning service will also leave your carpet with far less moisture, and sometimes with no moisture, which again will work to prolong the useful life of your carpet.

Paying for professional cleaning twice a year, which consumer groups suggest, will keep your carpet beautiful and functional for years longer. How much will you save by not having to replace your carpet as often?

Time and money…two very good reasons to work with a professional carpet cleaning service!