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Cleaning tile surfaces and grout lines by hand is tiring, uncomfortable, and it sometimes seems impossible to get the desired result. That’s because grout absorbs dirt, grime, spills, and debris that often discolor the surface. Picture of a professionally cleaned tile floor shining in the sunlight.The embedded dirt and stains make your gout to look old and stained even after spending hours cleaning the floor. Regular scrubbing and mopping only removes surface soil and not the hidden grime that lies deep within the pores of the grout lines. Our experienced tile cleaning experts can help you bring your tiles back to life. Our carpet cleaning company prides itself as the best tile Tile Cleaning Springfield MO.

How Do Our Experts Do It?

Our trained technicians have been in the cleaning business for many years. They use the latest tile and grout cleaning techniques and tools to give you a wonderful floor that speaks of beauty and freshness. We use safe and non-toxic chemicals with high pressure, high-temperature water steam to dissolve and force out the dirt out of the tile and grout. We also have suction units that help us extract and permanently remove contaminants from your home. Every situation is unique, but here is the general process we follow.

• Initial treatment- At this stage, our team of expert applies a non-toxic cleaning solution on the tile surface in order to begin emulsifying dirt and grime. This solution loosens accumulated contaminants such as soil, stains, and grease. This step takes 10-15 minutes before we move to the machine cleaning stage.

• Machine cleaning- We have invested in powerful pressure washing systems that generate high pressure, clean, steam vapor to get rid of the loosened dirt from the tile and grout. Our technicians can use specialized brushes on the machine to provide additional mechanical aid for removing dirt along tile surfaces and grout lines. Our cleaning machines are much powerful than those available to most homeowners, and will give your floor a contemporary and stunning look that no amount of hand cleaning can match.

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• Drying- After our technicians remove any remaining water from your floor, they will conduct another inspection to determine if a repeat treatment is necessary. To dry your floors, our team use high-powered air movers to dry your floor safely and quickly. Afterwards, the team will conduct another inspection and remove any stains revealed upon drying.

• Sealing- Want a tile and grout sealant? We got you covered. We use top-quality and non-toxic tile sealants that do not alter the desired appearance of the tile or grout. Sealants help create a barrier that hinders future staining or dirt accumulation.

​Why Hire Us?

Our portfolio, techniques, and technologies make us the most sought-after Springfield tile cleaning company. Here are more reasons why you should hire us.

• Saving time and money- If you ignore the dirt on your tile floors and surfaces, you will be forced to spend money on repairs and replacements. Hiring us will help you avoid these costs and extend the useful life of your tiles.

• Stunning results- By using the latest techniques and technologies, our experts will always deliver excellent results.

• Peace of mind- Tile and grout cleaning can be stressful and should be left to the professionals. Let us worry about the best tools and techniques to use to restore your floor.

• Your floor will last longer- Dirt and stains not only make your tile surfaces look dirty, but also affect the durability of your tiles. Hiring us will help you extend your floor’s lifespan.

• Affordability- Looking for an affordable tile cleaning Springfield? We offer affordable services and deliver exceptional results regardless of the size of the floor or your budget.

• Professionalism- To us, you are more than a client. Our technicians are well trained and will always demonstrate a high level of professionalism.

Are you looking for an exceptional Springfield tile cleaning company? Look no further. We offer tile floor cleaning services in Springfield and nearby regions. Let our professional cleaners help you deal with the tough stains on your floor. We value you, and we will do everything necessary to ensure exceptional tile and grout cleaning results. Call us today! We are the best in tile cleaning Springfield.

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